Cabaret Le Ruse

Xmas Regifted!

Cabaret Com is BACK!!!

Join us for an evening of music, short plays, skits and comedy.

Featuring  a new musical guest at each show

Along with Captain Gravitone and the
String Theory Orchestra

Our comedy troupe is back with new material

Misfortune: At a holiday dinner, two guests
receive some troubling news in their fortune
cookies. Do the cookies never lie?

Christmas Regifted: When Larry receives a gift

from his wife that he can never wear in public,

the art of regifting leads to a few bumps in
the road.

Gravitone: The Interview: The Captain of
Better Choices 
finally decides to reveal his true
identity - if he can keep it 
long enough before
he's needed to save the world from 
"more stupider."

One of These Things: Play along with Elmo
and try to 
guess which thing doesn't belong!

True Scent:  Join us at Elizabeth Kasterdine's
wine-tasting party, where a special guest
can tell the wine 
simply from the scent...or can he?

Stay after the show and dance up a storm with the musical guest!


Tickets/ Shows

Buy tickets with credit card, PayPal, or reserve
by calling 420-1881.

7:30 p.m. SATURDAY, Nov. 22

at the Grand Kabaret in New Ulm
With The Frye -- Joe Tougas & Ann Fee

7:30 p.m. FRIDAY, Nov. 21

at the Mankato Brewery
With Tom Lieberman.

7:30 p.m. THURSDAY, Nov. 20

at the Waseca Arts Center
With Wendy O' Sunshyne from i like you

Waseca Christmas Regifted Advance Ticket

For tickets, simply call the Grand Kabaret at:

Mankato Brewery Christmas Regifted Advance Ticket