Cabaret Le Ruse

fool me once...

Cabaret Com is BACK!!!

Join us for an evening of music, short plays, skits and comedy.

Featuring musical guest Billy Steiner

Along with Ron Arsenault, Dave Pengra
and String Theory

Our comedy troupe is back with new material

Hair Band: At a Tribute band festival for the hair
band, The Reptiles, Debbie has found the REAL
lead guitar player, Snake...or has she?
Mystical Crystal: Can a tarot reader really determine her true love even if this "true love" is a jerk?
Gravitone v. Gravitone: People are befuddled when three Captain Gravitones show up to save the world from becoming "more stupider." Who is the real one?
Diamond Thief: France's best detective uses all of his most secret tools - including a temper tantrum - to find the location of the world's most valuable diamond.
Margaret Drabble:  Did famous author Margaret Drabble really have a new book out? Or is it all in her imagination?
For Quality Purposes: When stuck in voicemail hell, who knows what you'll really do?


Tickets/ Shows


at the Mankato Event Center
Food & drinks available. That's no joke.

Buy tickets with credit card, PayPal, or buy at Charleys (for Mankato Event Center) or Grand Kabaret.

8 p.m. FRIDAY, APRIL 4

at the Grand Kabaret in New Ulm
See the newly remodeled space.

Fool Me Once - April 1 - Mankato Event Center
Fool Me Once - April 4 - Grand Kabaret, New Ulm